We know design is important in today’s uber tech world; but it still happens, in many teams design thinking ends up at a stand still once the deliverables are passed down the chain to marketing or development. Recently, with the rise of rapid prototyping tools, designers are gaining more traction…

Increasing Your Value

You Want To Increase Your Value As A Designer

Perhaps you’re well educated. Maybe you’re self-taught; but either way, we find ourselves keeping up with the latest design trends and technological updates. In our ever-changing world it’s difficult to keep up with the latest design news.

We Often Spend A Lot of Time Finding Resources

I don’t know how many times I’m looking for answers…

Surprise & Delight

It’s certainly a term most often heard in regards to customer service and not design. However, I am in the mindset that everything we design creates an experience for our customers, and someone will take part in the experience whether it be a simple handmade birthday card, a new user…

Joshua Miller

Designing in Tennessee

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